• 2024
  • 16:30 min

Mauro Barbosa grew up in a broken home and never wanted the same for his family. Like many, Barbosa ends up falling in love with a woman who grew up in a similar situation. The two so badly wanted to defy all odds and have their forever happy ending. Barbosa soon finds himself repeating history.
Watch how Barbosa describes how mental health affected his marriage, re-finding himself, and eventually falling in love again. Our mental health experts help break down the psychology of Barbosa’s journey.

Mental Health Experts:

Mike Tucker – Counselor and Chaplain for Medical & Psychiatric Facilities, Arlington Texas
Beverly Sedlacek — Psychotherapist University Medical Specialties – Berrien Springs, Michigan
Andre Costa – Mental Health Counselor – Marlborough, Massachusetts
Angie Mabe  — Psychologist Abbas Heart Counseling Center – Longwood Florida

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