• Depression

    2024 | 13:43 min | Live

    Have you ever felt helpless and depressed? David Castro shares his story of feeling depressed, his long journey with anti-depressants, the horrors of withdrawal but ultimately his feelings of hope again.Read More

  • ADHD

    2024 | 19:00 min | Live

    Discover the complex world of ADHD through Chloe’s eyes as she shares her personal journey and the unique challenges of living with this neurodevelopmental disorder. Read More

  • Bipolar

    2024 | 20:13 min | Live

    Watch Mark’s journey through the highs of mania to the depths of depression in our eye-opening episode on bipolar disorder. Read More

  • Divorce

    2024 | 16:30 min | Live

    Mauro Barbosa grew up in a broken home and never wanted the same for his family. Like many, Barbosa ends up falling in love with a woman who grew up in a similar situation. Read More

  • Eating Disorder

    2024 | 19:56 min | Live

    A heart-wrenching yet hopeful story of overcoming an eating disorder. This video shows the raw and intimate journey of someone who fought through the depths of anorexia, driven by past traumas and societal pressures, and how faith played a pivotal role in their path to recovery. Read More

  • Grief & Loss

    2023 | 18:55 min | Live

    In the heart-wrenching documentary, “Grief and Loss: A Story of Hope Rediscovered,” journey with a resilient couple… Read More

  • Abuse

    2023 | 17:01 min | Live

    This powerful episode shares the heartfelt story of a woman overcoming the trauma of childhood sexual abuse, emphasizing the crucial role of faith in her journey towards recovery Read More

  • Social Media

    2024 | 19:00 min | Live

    Discover the extraordinary story of a teacher whose life transformed overnight after a simple video intended for students went viral, amassing 5 million views in just five days. Read More

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