Have you ever felt helpless and depressed? David Castro shares his story of feeling depressed, his long journey with anti-depressants, the horrors of withdrawal but ultimately his feelings of hope again.

Mental Health Experts
Leonardo Da Silva, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner – Orlando Florida
Daniel Binus, Psychiatrist Beautiful Minds Medical – Sacramento California
Angie Mabe  — Psychologist Abbas Heart Counseling Center – Longwood Florida
Mike Tucker – Counselor and Chaplain for Medical & Psychiatric Facilities, Arlington Texas
Julie Wolf – Mental Health Counselor Hope Counseling Clinic – Winter Garden, Florida
Jay Velez – Psychologist Velez Psychological Services, Winter Park, Florida
Lorie Ann Hamel – Psychologist And Missionary Care Provider, Berrien Springs, Michigan

This series is committed to raising awareness and fostering dialogue about mental health issues, aiming to educate, inspire, and empower our viewers. Whether you’re affected by bipolar disorder or interested in enhancing your knowledge about mental health, this episode offers valuable insights into managing and overcoming life’s hurdles.

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